Hi, I’m Mel.

I am a Media and Communications student at Bournemouth University completing my second year.
The units involved in the course include the topics: Journalism, Blogging, Marketing, Language, Coding and Popular Culture. Within the units there are theory and practical aspects, giving the knowledge and understanding behind the creative.
Outside of my studies I take a great interest in Worldbuilding and consider myself a Potterhead and Whovian.

2017-05-22 (4)

This website creates a base from which visitors can view both past and present projects of mine. Some are university assignments and therefore a gap may occur between me finishing a project and uploading the content. My Twitter will update on how the project is going and when content has been published.

I hope you enjoy reading and following my projects, if you have any improvements on the my presentation or general approach don’t hesitate to comment. If you comment is related to a finalized assignment I may not change that version, but will take your comments on board for future pieces.