Hi, I’m Mel.

I am a Media and Communications student at Bournemouth University completing my third year.
The units involved in the course include the topics: New Media Narrative, Advertising, Writing, Editing and Publishing and Celebrity culture. Previous units have included Journalism, Blogging, Marketing, Language, Coding and Popular Culture. Within the units there are theory and practical aspects, giving the knowledge and understanding behind the creative.
Outside of my studies I take a great interest in Worldbuilding and consider myself a Potterhead and Whovian.

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This website creates a base from which visitors can view projects of mine. Some are university assignments and therefore a gap may occur between me finishing a project and uploading the content. Follow my Twitter to find out when new content is posted and updates on what im currently working on.

I hope you enjoy reading and following my projects, if you have any improvements on the my presentation or general approach don’t hesitate to comment. If you comment is related to a finalized assignment I may not change that version, but will take your comments on board for future pieces.