Fashion Cycle: Feature Article

The last few moths have seen me:
– Taking and collecting photographs
– Sewing
– Admiring vintage clothing
– Writing

This article takes a look at previous fashion trends and how some of them seem to be making their way back into our wardrobes. To help me understand vintage fashion I spoke to a friend, whose hobby is costumes and vintage fashions and she shared with me photos of the clothes she wore growing up. Some of these photos are included in the article, along with other contributors photos and ones taken by myself.

Embracing the comeback: Fashion is a personal thing, it is a way to express yourself. However it is also an industry that says what is and is not currently trending. Some people follow these ‘rules’ others don’t. That is great. One thing that I found is that what people hated before they now love or vice versa, and just because what you chose to wear isn’t what everyone else is, don’t worry your probably ahead of the times and you are wearing it first.

My article includes the trend of Make Do and Mend/Upcycling. Here are just a couple of YouTube videos, from a vlogger I watch showing a few ways in which you can get creative with your t-shirts just in time for summer.

I do hope you enjoy my observations, and as always feel free to comment your thoughts; maybe let me know what repeated fashions you have noticed or share with others creative things you can make do and mend or upcycle, which ever one you want to call it.



2017-05-22 (13).png

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