The Side Effects to our Addition to Social Media.

The Effects of Social Media; How is it really Effecting Us?

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The Effects of Social Media; How is it really Effecting Us?

Teenagers are only getting 7.5 Hours sleep. 2 hours less than the minimum due to logging on to technology at night.

As the graph shows 3 hours or more of social media activity a day is proving to have a negative effect on young people’s mental health, as well as effecting emotional and social development.

Emotional development is slowed due to social media having an impact on society. More children are comparing themselves to others by the way in which they see those people represented on social media. Children are very influential and look to those older for guidance on how the world works. For so long now, media has been in control of our lives without anyone really questioning it.

Magazines have been editing images to make their models the supposedly “perfect” human being. But what really is perfect? Everyone is unique and that is what make you perfect.

Through the media many girls see their body as wrong, because it doesn’t look like the female in that photo on that particular magazine. As the graph shows the age group with the most underweight girls is 18-19. At this age female bodies have not yet finished developing. However, girls are looking to those older than them and believing they need to make changes. This leads to girls starving themselves, taking non-prescribed dieting drugs and finding other ways to try and force their body to be that in the image.

Not all mental health issues are caused by the media. Another factor in social and emotional development is cyberbullying causing victims to hide away; isolating themselves from the rest of society. Marginalization, refers to those that have removed themselves from society. Many victims of bullying do this because they believe that they don’t deserve to be included. However, aspects of media are major factors in influencing young people. Therefore should be aware of how their so-called perfect images could have a negative impact on those that view them by making audiences believe they are the norm within society.  

Overall it is important that girls understand that you are who you are. You should embrace that. Express Yourself. If you are worried about your health in anyway make an appointment with your GP or visit the NHS website (the link is at the bottom of this post).

To Visit the NHS Website for any queries and further information. Click the link:


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To Visit the NHS Website for any queries and further information. Click the link:

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