2016: A Year in the World of Social Media.



10. Instagram: 600 million monthly active users. [1]

Launched in 2010, Instagram in 2 months gained 1 million users. Now 6 years on Instagram has 600 million monthly users, with half those members active on a daily basis.

9. Facebook: 47% of Users only Access via Mobile. [2]

Facebook originally began in 2004. The oldest platform on this list.  Originally designed by Harvard students as a social platform for specific American Universities only. 2006 saw Facebook become available to everyone over the age of 13. As of 2016 Facebook has a 1.71 billion users across web and mobile. With 51% accessing via the web and 47% accessing only via mobile.

Social Media Logos

Social Media Logos. Copyright: Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Twitter.

8. WhatsApp: 42 Billion Messages Sent Daily. [3]

Launched in 2009, WhatsApp has user base of 1 billion as of January 2016. WhatsApp sends 42 million messages daily.  WhatsApp is used across 109 countries, translating into 53 languages.

7. Snapchat: 9,000 Snaps per Second. [4]

2011 saw the beginning of the youngest platform on this list. SnapChat. 2016 saw 9,000 individual snaps per second. These came from its 150 million daily user base.

6. Twitter: 550 Million Users have Never Tweeted. [5]

Launched in 2006, Twitter is publicly the same age as Facebook. The platform has 1.3 billion registered accounts, 4 billion less than its major competitor. Although 550 million of those have never contributed a tweet.

5. Instagram: Selena Gomez most popular Instagram of 2016. [6]

Most Popular Instagram 2016

Most Popular Instagram 2016. Copyright: Selena Gomez, Instagram.

  • The photo (left) entitled “When your lyrics are on the bottle #ad” was posted in June 2016. Over the remainder of the year the photo received 5.9 million likes. Selena beat Kendall Jenner (2015 most popular) by approximately 2 million at time of announcement. Today (3rd Jan 2017) Selena has 6.9 million likes.

4. Facebook: Trending Story was Fake. [7]

The end of August saw Facebook announce they were going to replace staff who organized the ‘Trending Stories’ section of the website with computerized algorithms. However just days after making this move, a FAKE story was listed in the section. Many people now use social media to view the latest news. The story stated “Breaking: Fox News Exposes Traitor Megyn Kelly, Kicks Her Out For Backing Hillary“. With 1.71 users Facebook is the most dominant social media network and since the incident Facebook have been cracking down on fake news posts and pages.

3. WhatsApp: No Longer Compatible with Older Smartphones. [8]

The last couple of days of 2016, brought the end of an era for WhatsApp. The messaging will no longer support older generation smartphones. If your phone is on the following list or is running the software, you will need to change phone or check your software upgrade availability.

  • iPhone 3Gs. – Upgrade Phone.
  • IOS 6. – Upgrade Software.
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Generation iPad. – Upgrade Software.
  • Android 2.1. – Upgrade Software, if unavailable Upgrade Phone.
  • Android 2.2. – Upgrade Software, if unavailable Upgrade Phone.
  • Windows 7 – Upgrade Phone.
  • Blackberry OS. – Only until 30th June 2017.
  • Nokia S40. – Only until 30th June 2017.
  • Nokia Symbian S60.  Only until 30th June 2017.

2. Snapchat: SnapChat Car Crashes. [9]

Lens, a feature of SnapChat that measures how fast a user is travelling. However that feature when abused led to extreme consequences. In 2016 SnapChat has a law suit filed against them due to this feature, because of a major accident occurring in September 2015. A Mercedes collided with a Mitsubishi at 107 mph. The Mercedes was travelling at 113 mph, “just trying to get the car to 100 miles per hour to post it on Snapchat”. SnapChat have a ‘Don’t Snap and Drive’ message that appears on the app, however this hasn’t stopped drivers from leaving the feature to be used by passengers only, as a similar accident occurred in October 2016, which resulted in the death of 5 people.

1. Twitter: #Rio2016, Most Popular Hashtag. [10]

Most Popular Tweet 2016.

Most Popular Tweet 2016. Copyright: Hillary Clinton, Twitter.

2016’s most popular hashtags have been published. Number 1 being #Rio2016. Or variants thereof. Rio Summer Olympics was the most tweeted about event of 2016. However the most popular individual tweet was posted by Hillary Clinton. The post has been liked more than 1 million times and retweeted 636,000 retweets.




Look out for the poll to voice your opinion on social media this year.

My next post will focus on the side effects of technology on our health. Next Tuesday (10th Jan), Midday: UK Time.


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