Usage Breakdown; The Time we Spend using Technology



A study by Ofcom in August 2014 [1] found that on average we spend more time using technology than we do asleep. It was found that we spend 8hrs 41mins, while spending 20 minutes less sleeping. Now you’re probably thinking; Oh well its only 20 mins, is it really a big deal?Well according to doctors our technology usages is having a negative effect on peoples health, increasing obesity and diabetes among the population, these effects will be focused on in a future post. For now lets focus on just how much time we supposedly spend using technology.

The average time spent using technology.

  • 3hrs 52mins watching television
  • 2hrs 46mins listening to radio
  • 1hr 8mins on the internet (PC/laptop)
  • 28mins using a mobile phone
  • 9mins talking on a fixed phone

But do you think you are within that average?

Because I know that I spend more than 3hrs 52mins watching tele and definitely more than 1hr on the internet.

For example soaps are a popular genre of television to watch: Emmerdale, Corrie and EastEnders alone take up an average of 2 hours. Let alone what else people watch that is considered daytime television like Good Morning Britain and Jeremey Kyle which take a good 2 hours or more (probably more, don’t actually watch them). Then don’t forget programs that are aired after the watershed, which are normally about another 2 hours (i.e. murder mysteries). When it comes to using the internet as a student a lot of time is spend researching for essays, but even without that aspect, with YouTube and social media and hour goes by very quickly, so I would say 4 at least are used.

Therefore if I’ve done my math correctly I’ve made 12 hours.

Cat on Laptop

Cat is reducing my technology time.


I will admit that 8 hours is definitely a minimum for me. Well unless my cat as other ideas (see picture).

Its currently 10.46 am and I’ve already spent an hour on my laptop (prepping and writing my blog), I have also been watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone simultaneously on my second screen, and I will continue through them while working. I also have my phone on the desk, which I have already checked at least half a dozen times for email alone. So personally I believe I’m probably gonna use my 8 hours just watching HP, let alone going on my phone and laptop, now and later.

To go alongside this post, I thought I’d take a little quiz to see my status in relation to technology use. My result was Normal: You use technology a little more than healthy, but hey that’s normal. So due to the fact that everyone over uses tech I’m considered a normal user, not sure that actually a good thing though. To find out your status you can take the quiz here [2]

Don’t Forget

Look out for my poll to make you vote about whether you fit within the average.

A future blog will discuss the issues technology is having on our health. Entitled: The Side Effects of Technology.

Come back next week for a post comparing mobile phone communication to face-to-face interaction. Tuesday Midday: UK Time.


[1] – Read the full article about the mobile phone usage per day here:

[2] – Take the Quiz here:

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